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Ventura’s Back Roads are Abloom

Discover a Stunning Array of Flowers, Trees and Shrubs on a Tour of Growing Grounds By Nan Sterman, Special to The Times April 26, 2007 Not long ago, the Los Angeles area was filled with specialty nurseries that grew nearly every kind of landscape plant imaginable — orchids, roses, cactus’s. The rise in property values…
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Days of Roses & Roses

Bountiful Bouquet Awaits at Fillmore Nursery Event By Karen Lindell  Friday, April 25, 2007 Those delicate satin petals hide their stalwart nature. Roses are tough. While orange trees trembled during the January freeze, roses didn’t succumb to the shivers. “Roses don’t mind the cold,” said Scott Klittich, owner of Otto & Sons Nursery in Fillmore…
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Tortoises and Roses

Ventura County backroads lead to May flowers and Zoo U by Sharon Cohoon, 2005, Sunset Magazine You’re longing for a quiet country drive. You’ll find a great one around the Ventura County towns of Moorpark, Somis, and Fillmore. Here, backroads lead to lemon groves, specialty nurseries, and more. One surprise lies off the Collins Drive exit…
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Press Releases

Rose Days at Otto & Sons Nursery is Highly Successful

Otto & Sons Nursery observed its 5th annual Rose Days on April 19-20, lending credence to the idea that people are looking for fun things to do. Nearly 1,000 persons participated in this unique program this year, which involves wandering through the nursery to view roses in bloom. The roses being located throughout the nursery…
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Otto & Sons Nursery takes top honors at Ventura County Fair

Otto & Sons Nursery rose display at the 1998 Ventura County Fair featured two Scarlet Meidiland Weeping 60 inch Tree Roses surrounded by a variety of beautiful roses. We won a first place ribbon in the Commercial Nurseries-Flowering Plants category. Otto & Sons Nursery rose display at the 1998 Ventura County Fair featured two Scarlet…
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Otto & Sons Nursery, Fillmore

By Deborah Mills Deep in the center of Ventura County, surrounded by in acres and acres of Valencia orange trees, lies a veritable Mecca for rose gardeners. Although it is well known to retail nurseries from San Luis Obispo County in the north to Orange County in the south, Otto & Sons Nursery is, as…
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