Otto’s Plant Pick Up is an easy way to place your order online and then have it ready when you arrive to pick up your order at our nursery in Fillmore CA. If you need local delivery in Southern California please Contact Us for more information on order minimums and delivery fees.

Navigating Our Order Page

Use the pink filter function on the left-hand side to open the drop-down box. Select the “Add Filter” choice. From here you can select multiple filter choices. As you select different choices, the screen on your right will update to your selections. To close the black filter dropdown box, just click on a white part of the screen above the pictures. The filter function button has now changed to blue to let you know you are looking at your filtered choices. To clear or change filtering choices, select the blue box, and choose “Clear All” or “Add Filter” to make more filtering selections. To search for a particular plant, use the search box on the right and type in the name you are looking for. As you type, the list below will change to match your search criteria.

Placing Your Order

Once you have made your selections to purchase, select the pink “Review Order” button on the top right.

Fill out your guest information along with when you would like to pick up your plants. Select the blue “Okay” button.

On this screen, you can review your order. The total does not include tax and a 3% handling fee. Select the blue “Submit Order” button to go to the payment screen.